Integrity, Quality, and Accountability
We commit and deliver to our commitments.Like all the transactions that we undertake, we like to keep our commitment simple and clear so that our clients are comfortable during negotiations. We provide the highest quality staffing services available to all our clients globally.
With a genuine commitment to fulfilling your staffing needs, we design and deliver staffing programs to help you meet your business goals. Should you have any concerns with our staffing services, which we strongly believe you wouldn’t, we open up the doors for rapid corrective actions.

Flexible Staffing Program

Large or medium, we treat all our clients equally, so we hire for our clients as if we are hiring for ourselves.To ensure that we are helping you succeed through our services, we do formal, periodic pulse conversations with the staff member as well as with our clients to assess the performance. Based on the outcome of the conversation, we take necessary actions – either correcting the performance or rewarding the staff member if they are exceeding your expectation.
As much as we are committed to our clients, we are also equally committed to our personnel’s safety and security. We do not deploy our staff in hazardous working conditions. This also extends to any illegal or unethical practices that the staff is expected to do during their employment with in your organization. In case the client does not disclose such information during engagement, we reserve the right to recall our staff member without any contractual obligations.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Last, but not the least, we follow a strict, non-negotiable “Equal Opportunity Employer” policy where we do NOT discriminate a person based on their race, sex, religion, or any other factor that does not influence their work output. We are confident that you appreciate our policy and comply with it. We are committed to your success by providing quality staff at your service. We do draw some boundaries to ensure that WITS and you together provide a great place to work for those people who trust us in building their careers and in turn give their best to make your business successful.

Experience a whole new way of engaging

Recruitment and workforce management requires focus and attention away from your primary business goals. That’s where WITS Solutions can be your extended arm in understanding business requirements and staffing skilled professionals.

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WITS has dedicated teams, each led by domain experts, to best understand the requirements and staff your requirements with highly qualified professionals. Some of the business domains we staff are, Information Technology, BPO, Telecom…

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WITS edges past its competitors because all our employees are IT savvy and keep abreast of advancements in the IT industry. This increases our depth and breadth of understanding of IT to offer staffing services for the following technologies and skills

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Administrative tasks like payroll processing consume significant focus and a dedicated team to make sure the staffing operations run smoothly. Expertise is also required for payroll management to meet the federal compliance and regulatory requirements.

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